Brotherhood of Fatesse

The Brotherhood of Fatesse is one of many supergroups that calls City of Heroes home. They were founded in 2009 by Fatesse Impervious and have become one of the more influential groups in Paragon City. As such, several groups have placed them on a watch list.

Recently, Countess Crey has spoken out against the group, calling them “immoral vigilantes” and accusing them of vandalism and slander. This is in response to accusations by some of their members about alleged activities by the Crey Corporation.

Known heroes associated with this group::

  • Fatesse Impervious
  • Fatesse Chainshot
  • Fatesse Mercurial
  • Fatesse Luminesce
  • Fatesse Virulence
  • Kismet Pyroclasm

Known heroes allied with this group::

  • Gintamo
  • Mychyl
  • Shockwave Paragon
  • Maser
  • Atrophic Chaos
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Lost Boi

The Greater Lairs and Bases database lists that this group has a large base accessible from inside the city at an undisclosed location. While this is unconfirmed, it is alleged that the vast majority of the base exists outside this realm, possibly with the use of interdimensional portals.

Brotherhood of Fatesse

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