City of Heroes: The Coming Storm

Mission 1

The Coming Storm

It all began on a strangely quiet late-spring day.

Paragon City was used to its share of turmoil, but for once, everything seemed peaceful. Several heroes were gathered in the most unlikely of spots — a Walmart in Kings Row — without even knowing each other or their future destiny…

Suddenly, while interacting, the lights went out. One member of the group, Fatesse Kirushido, received word that gremlins were attacking the building and cautioned the others to keep people inside and calm — at which point, the need for heroes outweighing the need for secrecy, it was revealed that his three companions (Game Gear, Typhoon, and Tramp King) were all heroes as well, albeit unlicensed ones.

Working together, the group was able to dispatch the gremlin they discovered with relative ease while another group handled the remainder. Needing information about the situation, they were summoned to Atlas Park by Azuria so she could debrief (and register) the group.

While debriefing, a second situation arose: a massive outbreak in the last peaceful corner of Eastgate, the part of the city now known colloquially as the Hollows due to the massive destruction wreaked by the former hero Faultline’s earthquake machine.

After subduing the attacking citizens, they discovered that the infected all had large amounts of a super-heavy Rikti alloy in their systems and that this was linked to their infection. They were able to trace the alloy back to a nearby Crey Corporation laboratory, which recently reported an accidental spill. Still, what were Crey doing with the alloy in the first place?

Before they could consider much further, a Crey cleanup crew arrived on the scene and the heroes beat a hasty retreat, their hard-won information in tow. Further research showed that an unnamed company provided the alloy to Crey’s laboratory, with a second shipment leaving that same company’s facilities for a Crey warehouse in Kings Row…



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