Fatesse Impervious

Founder of the Brotherhood of Fatesse


Age: 15
Apparent Age: 8 (does not appear to age due to impervium contamination)
Height: 3’10"
Weight: 75# (unnaturally heavy for height/build due to impervium contamination)
Build: Skinny
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue


Real name Lucien Avile; younger brother of former hero (now villain) Damien Avile, more commonly known as Requiem Diabolique.

His story began during a 3rd grade class trip to a Crey Industries facility. While at the facility, one scientist approached him and separated him from the class by offering to let him examine various machines in a separate room while the rest of the class went through the “boring” tour. Lucien agreed and went along with the scientist.

This was all a clever ruse, as the scientist knew exactly who the boy was — or rather, and perhaps more importantly, that this was the younger brother of a well-liked hero. The scientist intended to perform experiments on young Lucien, reasoning that — since some metahuman traits run in families — the boy might be a nascent metahuman as well, and more importantly, that they might be able to corrupt and harness the boy for their own purposes.

The end result was both a success and a failure. The result was an 8 year old boy with superhuman resistance to harm, but attempts at combat training showed that he was virtually incorruptible and unwilling to toe the corporate line.

(Crey Industries went on record that the above story is absolute libel; their official records indicate that the boy broke into a lab during an experiment and was detained due to accidental exposure to lab equipment and various experimental substances. They do not, however, have an official position on the fact that Lucien escaped from their lab and returned home without documented incident.)

Knowing that he would never be safe — especially since he carried (some of) Crey’s secrets in his veins — Lucien began fighting crime under the moniker Fatesse Impervious shortly thereafter. (The name is a nod to one of the super-heavy alloys, impervium, that was introduced into his body during their experiments on him.) His ultimate goal (well, penultimate but close behind ushering in an era of peace) is shutting down Crey Industries once and for good.

Fatesse Impervious

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