City of Heroes: The Coming Storm

Mission 2

Two Paths Diverged

The next morning, our heroes were summoned to a meeting with Fatesse Kirushido at the Brotherhood of Fatesse’s base in Kings Row. There, they discovered that the group was working on the information about the two incidents from the previous day and had set up two separate battle plans to carry out: one group would go after the source of the gremlins, a summoner holed up in Peregrine Island, while a second group would investigate the Crey warehouse in Kings Row.

Tramp King and his companions opted for the Crey warehouse, while Kirushido agreed (with backup from the Brotherhood) to go after The Summoner. A young archer by the name of Alliesa Darkfire agreed to join our heroes (despite some initial concerns by Tramp King about her trustworthiness), and they set off to investigate the warehouse.

Inside, they found that the warehouse was guarded by an entire chapter of the Skulls, and after a hard-fought battle, they fought through to the back of the warehouse… just in time to hear a loud explosion and see an Arachnos Flyer leaving the premises and several crates of what could only be the Rikti alloy missing.

Two new groups added to the fracas, they returned to the Brotherhood’s base to make sense of this new information…



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